PANTO season is behind us, surely. But that wasn’t the view at York Barbican when Rapunzel took to the stage yesterday before a packed audience.

From the giggles, cheers and applause, it seems youngsters don’t care what season it is, and adults are just as happy to boo the baddies, laugh at lines laden with innuendo and dance to a merry tune at any time of year – providing it’s done well.

And the re-telling of the Brothers Grimm fairytale, by Enchanted Entertainment, certainly hit the right note.

Admittedly the audience was slow to warm up with a few jokes falling flat but larger-than-life Muddles (Blue Peter’s Peter Duncan) succeeded in getting us back into the panto spirit with his charm, personality and perseverance.

He was an integral part of a well-appointed cast featuring familiar faces from children’s TV, boasting strong singing voices, led by the very talented Jon Moses, of ITV’s Superstar, as the Prince to Jenny Jones’ vibrant Rapunzel.

Kay Purcell had great stage presence as Gothel the Enchantress, with her delightfully wicked voice resonating around the auditorium, while Joey the Jester (Andrew Crawford) was deliciously camp as one half of a comical double-act alongside the very droll Jape the Jester (Joe Chambers).

With the aid of a strong support cast and live band, the plot - unashamedly simple and perfect for the predominantly young audience - was told with the help of catchy pop song-and-dance routines.

The second half got off to a rousing start with a colourful circus act, and continued apace with slapstick humour, ghosts running amok among the stalls, and York youngsters winning us over with their stage debuts to ensure we went home smiling.

Rapunzel, by Enchanted Entertainment, at York Barbican, is also on today, Monday, April 8 at 1pm and 4.30pm. For tickets contact the Box Office on 0844 854 2757.