Legendary comedy duo Cannon and Ball are backing a call to re-release a television theme song to raise funds for the NHS charity – and are hoping for support from Gary Barlow.

After receiving strong listener response and interest after Together We’ll Be OK was played on BBC Radio Tees, Bobby Ball said: “It’s a great shout this and it all fits together perfectly – together we’ll all be OK!’’

And his sidekick Tommy Cannon admitted: “We would be absolutely honoured to play our part in this - it’s what the country needs right now. We will need everybody’s support to get this ball rolling – Rock On Tommy!”

BBC Tees presenter Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough played the inspirational tune on his ‘Goffy at the Weekend’ show after hearing the duo sign off their one-night performance at the Billingham Forum Theatre last month before the lockdown was imposed.

Goffy said: “Tommy and Bobby ended their show with their very familiar theme and told everyone that it had been a constant to them and their many fans and how it had helped through some difficult time.

“I have been running a weekly feature called Inspirations’ which highlights the positive things that the BBC Tees listeners have been involved in. I then include some very uplifting songs and it was perfect to include the song as part of the feature.

“When I played it out people starting contacting the station to say how positive the song was and it made them feel uplifted.

“I sent the feedback over to Phil Dale their long-time manager and suggested they should re – release the song for charity.

“He said over the years that his office had received many messages that the tune had been a real shining light in troubled times and added that Tommy and Bobby had been really touched by the many messages following the radio plays.’’

Bobby’s wife is from Stockton, and the pair met while he was performing at the Fiesta in Norton, with Yvonne working as a Fiesta Fawn, a waitress in the club.

Goffy added: “It was just at the very start of the Coronavirus outbreak and I flagged up the idea of getting the song out again this time with someone like Gary Barlow helping the lads to get the song out again.

“As the events have gathered pace we have all seen the unbelievable work of the National Health Service and I suggested the project would be a charity backing with all the monies raised from the project going directly to the NHS.

“I’ve continued to play the song and more than ever it hits the spot. I really do believe if it was to be made available and with someone like Gary Barlow playing a part in it then it really would make a massive amount of money for the NHS.’’

The comedy duo are in lockdown, so unable to get to a recording studio, so they need someone with a studio to link them up.

Goffy added: “We ran a phone piece on BBC Tees asking who listeners would like to see work with the lads on this charity project and Gary Barlow was a unanimous choice!

“We are working in difficult times – but I am hoping that someone somewhere will see all of the good in this and push it along. It’s a great charity opportunity and right now is the time to do it – but we really need someone to step forward and take the charity project to another level.

“The song would only need a slight rework but it has unlimited potential. The original tune is being downloaded, but Tommy, Bobby and Phil are in agreement to making it again – this time solely for the benefit of the NHS.’’

Dale admitted: “The lads are more than up for this and want not a penny from it – any funds would go directly to the NHS. It would be really special to see it progress as the potential is endless for the project.’’

Goffy is on BBC Tees on Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.