Vicky McClure has said her own experience has gone into a drama which deals with a coercive relationship.

The actress has said that her understanding of the unhappy character she plays has come from sources in her own life.

McClure has said that an “amalgamation” of her experiences and encounters have gone into the improvised Channel 4 drama which sees her play one half of a troubled couple.

Vicky McClure
Vicky McClure has spoken about jealousy and control (Ian West/PA)

The Line Of Duty star has said that control and jealousy play a part in making relationships fail.

She said: “I have experience, not as a carbon copy as to what we’ve created, but it’s an amalgamation of moments.

“It’s hard to try and balance a relationship that isn’t working.

“Often control and jealousy and trust are really big reasons as to why they don’t end up seeing a relationship continue.

“There were elements in there that I could relate to.”

She added on the drama: “You know, it wasn’t physical, it was all very internal, quite mundane.

“They’re just tiny little things that can explode and all of a sudden you find yourself in a much darker place.”

McClure improvises much of the drama with co-star Perry Fitzpatrick, who plays Adam in the series.

The pair have said they have known each other for a long time, and their off-screen friendship allows them to push scenes further for the drama.

I Am is an anthology series exploring the experiences of different women.

McClure, now well-versed drama, is keen to delve deeper into comedy.

She said: “I’d love to do more comedy. But then I also think we need some really good comedy.

“Every now and then a little gem comes up and you go, ‘After Life? Brilliant’, ‘Alan Partridge? Always brilliant’. And you go, ‘Surely there’s got to be more than that’.”

I Am Nicola airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday, July 23.