Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has urged his pop star neighbour Robbie Williams to get in touch to end their feud over a basement.

In his first words on their battle since October, the musician denied accusing the Angels singer of playing loud music by Black Sabbath and of dressing in a blond wig to annoy him.

According to recent reports, X Factor judge Williams, 45, wrote a note to the rock star after the local council suggested they meet and put their differences aside.

Ayda Field and Robbie Williams
Ayda Field and Robbie Williams (Ian West/PA)

The pair have been involved in a five-year dispute over Williams’ plans for an underground gym and swimming pool at his home in Kensington, west London.

According to a source, Page is still waiting for the letter to arrive.

And the 75-year-old told the Press Association: “If they (Williams and his wife) are now agreeing to a meeting, they need to get in contact, as neighbours, so that discussions can take place as they should have done a long time ago.”

He denied accusing Williams of blasting out loud music and dressing up as Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant to wind Page up.

Jimmy Page’s Kensington home
Jimmy Page’s Grade I listed Kensington home, Tower House (David Mirzoeff/PA)

“I did not accuse Robbie of playing loud music by Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple to annoy him — and of dressing in a blond wig,” Page said.

“The reality is, no such accusation has been made.”

He said the accusation was “presumably someone’s idea of a prank.

“This was much publicised at the time but does not have any basis in truth.”

And he added: “I never accused Robbie as to his personal behaviour.

“I would like to meet to take Robbie around the house to make him aware of what is at stake.

Rocker Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page (Yui Mok/PA)

“My goal is to protect a Grade I listed building, with unique interiors which are in jeopardy.”

A source for Page told the Press Association that he had sought a meeting with Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, for months but had not received a response.

“It is vital a meeting should take place; Jimmy hopes Robbie understands the urgency,” the source said.

“He has checked the post daily. No letter has been delivered. Jimmy does not have a front door – hope the letter was delivered to the correct letterbox.”

Page has raised fears that construction work carried out by Williams could damage his Grade I listed gothic revival mansion, Tower House, and its ornately decorated interior of stained glass, decorative plasterwork and ceramic tiling.

The Stairway To Heaven guitarist said vibrations and ground movement in particular could cause irreversible damage, with the homes around 43ft (13m) apart.

Last year a committee chairman at Kensington Town Hall suggested the celebrities should meet and try to put their differences aside.