Jeremy Paxman’s appearance on the Great Celebrity Bake Off had viewers in stitches, but not for the reason you might expect.

The fearsome journalist and University Challenge host discussed whether he had ever worn a thong as he tackled three challenges.

Chatting with fellow contestant, comedian Joe Wilkinson, Paxman admitted: “I’ve been through the whole gamut but I’ve never tried a thong.”

“You will now,” Wilkinson replied, before Paxman said abruptly: “I won’t.”

The exchange left fans amused, with one saying they had never thought they would hear the famously tough interviewer talk about his choice of underwear.

“Things I never thought I’d hear – Jeremy Paxman discussing thongs,” they said.

Another said the image of Paxman wearing a thong was one “you do NOT need”.

One forward viewer joked that someone should start a petition to get Paxman to try one.

They wrote: “Can we start a government petition to get Jeremy Paxman to try a thong?”

Some watching at home were aghast and said the conversation was not something they had expected on the Channel 4 programme “ever”.

They said: “Jeremy Paxman discussing thongs (whilst baking a cake in a tent) is something I never thought I’d hear. Ever.”

Paxman and Wilkinson were joined by Made In Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo and former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay for the Stand Up To Cancer special.