University Challenge viewers were miffed as the latest episode was moved to make way for Mary Berry.

Jeremy Paxman’s quiz usually airs at 8.30pm, after game show Only Connect.

But on Monday, Only Connect started at 7.30pm and University Challenge was on at 8pm, as Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking show made its debut in the 8.30pm slot on BBC Two.

Viewers were unimpressed by the shake-up.

“Dear BBC2, I don’t care if Mary Berry is a national treasure, it was wrong to move #onlyconnect to make way for her. Same for #UniversityChallenge,” sniped one person on Twitter.

One posted: “Dear #OnlyConnect #UniversityChallenge fans, Mary Berry has buggered up the BBC2 Monday schedule – it kicks off at half 7.”

Another fan said the time slot change had spoilt their Monday.

“@BBC2 I don’t understand why your moved #OnlyConnect #UniversityChallenge for Mary Berry And so late into their currant run, you could have put Mary Berry on anytime,” said the viewer.

“You’ve spoilt my normally enjoyable Monday night for a bloody cookery show.”

“What’s the point of moving #OnlyConnect and #UniversityChallenge to make way for Mary Berry Quick Cooking at 8.30 when I’ve already done my dinner anyway!” wondered one person.

One unhappy viewer said: “Hey @BBCTwo, please note for future reference: #UniversityChallenge + #OnlyConnect > Mary Berry.”

However, there were also many fans who were thrilled to see Berry on TV, regardless of the time.

“Didn’t realise Mary Berry had a new series what a lovely surprise. This is a woman in her 80’s flying around Rome on the back of a Vespa. She’s bloody amazing!” tweeted one.

“Whatever other madness is going on, Mary Berry is back on my TV. All is well,” posted another.

Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking sees the former Bake Off star exploring fast recipes inspired by the places she visits.