Celebrity Big Brother contestant Stephanie Davis finished second to Ex On The Beach’s Scotty T.

The 22-year-old hugged the Geordie winner and emerged from the Elstree house to cheers.

The former Hollyoaks actress described the experience as “the hardest thing” she had ever done during her exit interview with presenter Emma Willis.

Celebrity Big Brother's Stephanie Davis
Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephanie Davis (Channel 5)

Stephanie’s time on the Channel 5 reality series will be defined by the feelings she developed for former Mr Ireland finalist Jeremy McConnell, despite having boyfriend Sam Reece on the outside of the house.

“He’s just the best thing going,” she said when asked about Jeremy.

Viewers watched as the enamoured couple shared hugs and kisses and exchanged endearments. They even got intimate beneath the covers, although both denied sex took place.

Stephanie and Jeremy have been getting cosy in bed
Davis and McConnell got cosy in bed (Channel 5)

Stephanie admitted her relationship with Sam had not been perfect, but she also said she would have to wait and see what would happen with Jeremy.

She reiterated her professions of love to Emma as Jeremy, seated alongside other ex-housemates from this series, watched on.

Reaction on Twitter was mixed to negative, but some are happy for Stephanie.

Not a fan of Steph

She was fab