The Coronation Street live episode delivered on nail-biting action for viewers as they saw Callum killed off in the first half hour.

Bad boy Callum, played by Sean Ward, attacked Sarah (Tina O’Brien) as part of his plan to extort money from the Platts, but got more than he bargained for as Kylie (Paula Lane) smacked him on the head with a wrench, killing him.

Talking about his last scene and the live episode, Ward said: “Cracks were definitely starting to show and he (Callum) was trying to keep his head above the water. The Platts were the only people he thought he could really intimidate quickly enough into getting him the money he needed.”

Sneak preview of rehearsal scenes from Coronation Street Live episode in which Callum attacks Sarah (Joseph Scanlon/ITV)
Rehearsal scenes from Coronation Street Live episode in which Callum attacks Sarah (Joseph Scanlon/ITV)

Even though viewers may have seen Callum’s demise coming from a mile away, Ward reckons Callum never thought he’d be knocked down for good.

“Callum always thought he would have the upper hand, but during his last few weeks he really showed his true colours and his actions proved how much of a coward he really was,” he said.

“He seemed to have this obsession with manipulating women, which was just him being cowardly. But no, he never, ever imagined that they might win the fight because of the amount of fear he’d put in them all over the past year.”

Ward reckons Callum was “absolutely fuming” that Kylie got the upper hand.

He said: “At this point I think it began to dawn on him that he perhaps didn’t have the power that he thought he did and that he was surrounded by strong women who were prepared to fight him to the death! And they did!”

Ward says he was excited when he found out his character was going to be killed off.

He said: “Initially I didn’t feel that upset,” but went on to say he was “gutted” to be leaving the show.

“It’s been phenomenal playing Callum, it really has, and in his last few weeks on screen he was throwing the net out across Weatherfield by causing trouble for more and more people, which I really enjoyed playing out.”