George Ezra is poised for stardom after receiving four nominations at the 2015 Brit Awards. The Hertford-born 21-year-old singer, has already taken the UK by storm following his hit single Budapest, along with performances at Glastonbury.

George Ezra taping Graham Norton's show
George Ezra (Ian West/PA Wire)

1. George has an inch-long scar on his forehead, as a result of a collision with a wall when he was at music college.

2. He’s working on a selection of songs for children, which he admits “is a challenge”.

George Ezra
(Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

3. He made his stage debut at the Marquee in Hertford as a 13-year-old in a covers band, “singing the female part of Teenage Dirtbag, wearing eyeliner and my sister’s skinny jeans”.

4. Despite his hit single being called Budapest, he only visited the Hungarian city for the first time last summer.

5. He used to work at a sweet factory, and would nick sweets during his shift.

6. The first ever gig he went to was pop group S Club 7.

Paddington Bear (PA)
Paddington Bear (PA)

7. Paddington Bear is his hero, and he inspired the title for his debut record, Wanted On Voyage.

8. He got signed to Columbia Records after uploading a video on YouTube. Proof that it can and does happen.

9. He may be on the cusp of fame and fortune, but all he wants when he’s home is to have a drink down at his local pub.