Comedy Central and Comic Relief have worked on a series of videos for comic relief featuring “horror stories” from the modern world.

Previous videos have charted the murky waters of online dating, being single when your friends have partners, and the struggles of millennials.

A new series of Modern Horror Stories will show the awkwardness and pain of contemporary fundraising efforts in the build-up to Red Nose Day this year.

Sketches include Extreme Office Bake Off, and takes on charity leg waxing, and moustache growing in a bid to get young audiences involved in fundraising.

Tom Shennan, responsible for digital content at Comic Relief said: “In 2017, we released the comedy sketch A Modern Dating Horror Story and it was a huge viral success, racking up a quarter of a billion views worldwide.

“We wanted to take the power of this format and apply it to the sublimely ridiculous world of fundraising and show that anyone can get involved.”

Red Nose Day is on Friday March 15.