THE comeback of York’s own punk legend Stevie ZeSuicide is gathering pace as he looks to launch a line of dolls created in his own image.

The former UK Subs drummer teamed up with Whitby-based specialist doll maker Rachel Witfield to create the prototype, which features Stevie’s famous pink fringe, and which could soon go into production alongside the rocker’s recently-launched range of T-shirts.

Stevie said: “I know bands like Kiss and Marilyn Manson have great merchandise and I thought of a doll because people don’t do that kind of thing anymore. Ninety per cent of listening is with your eyes – for example Lady Gaga has great visuals.

The doll was designed by sculptor Rachel Witfield, and will be part of the ZeSuicide merchandise package which will include bags, backpacks, wallets and belt buckles etc.”

Stevie, who lives in The Groves area, is now in talks to get the doll into production, which he intends to come packaged in its own tiny coffin.

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