A PUNK fan from Wales who travelled to York on a quest to track down his musical hero has been rewarded with a meeting and an autograph.

Rob Kimber, 46, caught up with former UK Subs drummer Stevie Ze Suicide at his home in York, where he asked the rocker to add his autograph to a treasured flag which contains the signatures of other band members, past and present.

The visit was the second time Mr Kimber had travelled to York from his Cardiff home to meet Stevie, after being unable to track him down on a previous trip.

“I was brought up with the UK Subs from the age of 14 when I saw them on Top of the Pops,” said a delighted Mr Kimber.

“I have been following them ever since.

“I haven’t added Stevie’s signature yet to the eight I already have.”

Mr Kimber’s quest to have every band member’s signature on his precious flag has seen him travel as far as America and France.

After finally managing to secure Stevie’s signature, he said: “I tracked him down and he’s such a nice fella. He went out of his way to get back to me.”

Welcoming Mr Kimber into his York home, Stevie said such people were not simply fans but part of ‘one big family’.

He said: “He’s a super fan and it’s wonderful that someone should take the trouble to do this. It’s moving that we still have such hard-core fans. It means everything to me.

“His daughter, Jade told me when they go on holiday he even puts the flag on the wall of this hotel room.

“Without people like him I wouldn’t have had a career and nothing is too much trouble for these people.”