YORK punk rocker Stevie Ze Suicide has launched his own record label – and produced a new single, in collaboration with a bass guitarist who played on legendary David Bowie albums.

The one-time UK Subs drummer is also preparing to shoot a video in Brighton to accompany the single, Wild Trash, and is planning to stage a series of gigs in small theatres later this year in collaboration with York-based UK Entertainment, owned by Richard Palliser.

Stevie said he had co-written and produced the record with Trevor Bolder, who lives in East Yorkshire and who played with Bowie’s Spiders From Mars band in the 1970s on hits such as Jean Genie.

“The song has a really Bowie feel to it,” Stevie said.

“I’m going down to Brighton later this month to film a video with top video artist Pasha du Valentine.”

He said his new record company was called Noise Revolution Records, and he had plans to bring out a second record, which is called Don’t Cry, within weeks.

Meanwhile, Stevie criticised reality TV shows such as the X-Factor, which he claimed were damaging creativity and humiliating young people while making their producers wealthy.