IF THERE is one thing Manchester band I Am Kloot never imagined doing, it is a musical. Yet midway through writing and recording a new album, that is exactly what they have agreed to do.

Lead singer John Bramwell, who is performing solo at Fibbers on Thursday, was working with Elbow members Guy Garvey and Craig Potter on I Am Kloot’s new EP when they were approached by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle.

“Danny’s daughter was a big fan of us and he had one of our songs in one of the films he did before Slumdog Millionaire,” says John, who is recovering from a heavy night.

“He has been talking to us about writing songs for a musical, but then it is Hollywood and anything could happen.

“It’s a real challenge because it could so easily be very, very bad. Musicals by their nature can be so very, very bad, but Danny strikes me as a man you can take at his word; he’s straightforward, to the point, very involved, has a lot of enthusiasm and we’re like that too, we’re really good at what we do and serious about what we do.”

I Am Kloot’s new album is due for release in the autumn. Four or five songs have already been cut and will be given a sneak peak at Fibbers.

John’s solo gig is to help him get a real feel for the songs, he says.

“We’ve recorded some songs for the album already and I wanted to come and simply play a gig. It the past we’ve recorded them and then played them later. This time I thought I want to go and play them because sometimes as you play them, you find they reveal themselves to you.”

The band’s last record took three days, says Jonny. This time, it has been much more of experience.

“We have been doing this rather than going on tour and we’re all skint because of it,” says John.

“It’s quite a considered one for us. I’ve kind of put songs by through the years and now I have a collection of very slow and frankly beautiful songs and so we’re taking our time.”

• I Am Kloot, Fibbers, Thursday. Tickets £10 on the door or £8 in advance