RAY Davies's new album, Our Country: Americana Act II, will follow his journey across America, "through endless tours, not just to reclaim The Kinks’ career, but to rediscover the country that offered me my earliest inspirations", he says.

Backed once again by the American band The Jayhawks, complemented by British musicians and a choir, it builds on last year's release of Americana, an album that shared its name with Davies's 2013 memoir.

Launched on June 29 through Sony Music's Legacy Recordings division, Our Country: Americana Act II is an album drawn from The Kinks leader's vision of America and how it shaped him and evolved through the years. His reflections on his experiences in the United States instigate personal reformation and eventually a rediscovery and celebration of his own origins.

Like Americana, Our Country was recorded at Konk Studios in London, where guitarist Bill Shanley and The Jayhawks again served as Davies’s backing band. The album picks up several intriguing musical threads from Davies’s songwriting catalogue, from the opening title number, developed from a melodic theme heard in Americana's title track, to reinterpretations of songs inspired by America and written for various projects over the years. Among these are Oklahoma USA, first heard on The Kinks’ Muswell Hillbillies, The Getaway, from 2006’s Other People's Lives and The Real World, from 2007’s solo album, Working Man's Café.

The track listing will be: Our Country; The Invaders (spoken word); Back In The Day; Oklahoma U.S.A; Bringing Up Baby; The Getaway; The Take; We Will Get There; The Real World; A Street Called Hope; The Empty Room; Calling Home; Louisiana Sky; March Of The Zombies; The Big Weird; Tony And Bob; The Big Guy and Epilogue.

Our Country will be available on CD, 2LP vinyl and digital formats.