MARKING ten years together as musicians, and now husband and wife, Heidi Talbot and John McCusker have made their first record as a duo.

They invited a few friends to their home studio in the Scottish borders to fill out their own arrangements to material inspired by the tunes Talbot’s mother would sing to her as a girl.

This EP’s worth of short and sweet tunes set in beautifully arranged folk arrangements is perfect balm for weary hearts, sounding as natural and unforced as the tides.

It is a departure for neither artist, so fans will not need to stray from their comfort zones.The sole original, the title track, conceived on an Irish beach, is one of McCusker’s loveliest instrumentals.

Dear Someone, from Gillian Welch’s Time The Revelator, is reimagined as a sea-borne waltz, and is strikingly emotive. Talbot’s voice is unhurried and full of character.

The musicianship throughout is top notch and the 24 minutes fly. Why there was insufficient material to complete a full album or what caused the long delay between announcing the release last summer and its subsequent appearance is a bit baffling.

Nevertheless, it whets the appetite nicely for their early summer tour which is where they make the strongest connections. Catch them at Selby Town Hall on June 8.