WITH all eyes on the Australian Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games, this week is probably the best time to launch an Aussie talent.

Coinciding with Kylie’s Golden is Vance Joy’s sumptuous Nation Of Two. Real name James Gabriel Keough, Vance Joy is a 30-year-old singer songwriter from Melbourne. An accomplished craftsman, his songs should appeal to admirers of Ed Sheeran and George Ezra.

Old fashioned, yet timeless, they are easy to appreciate, and if given a wide audience, they will become much loved. Lay It On Me has a richly harmonised production; We’re Going Home is a jaunty pub rocker and Saturday Sun, a fun number featuring old-school banjo and ukulele.

Boys with guitars are popular at the moment, and everyone loves an Aussie, so, joy of joys, it is highly likely we are about to hear a lot more of Vance Joy, although the only dates on his world tour sending him anywhere near this way are Alexandra Palace, London, on November 13 and Olympia, Dublin, two nights later.