CULT Birmingham musician Lawrence – he has always eschewed a surname – is the front man of the long-gone Felt, the faded Denim and Go-Kart Mozart, active sporadically since 2000.

Rather more excitement surrounds Cherry Red's fabulous February box sets of the first five Felt albums, out of print since 2003 but newly reissued replete with seven-inch singles and assorted memorabilia as A Decade In Music.

Now 56, and anything but decayed, Lawrence is back in his musical toy shop knocking out bright and breezy, budget-priced tunes and not so breezy lyrics with Go-Kart Mozart.

The bubblegum Seventies' lettering and yellow and red dayglo packaging are a further warning sign of the E-numbered pop within. Imagine a more cynical Racey singing Some Girls. On the other hand, don't imagine it: imagine Lawrence interrupting Racey, keeping the merry tunes but then adding his black humour to 17 perky kitchen-sink vignettes in the self-styled guise of "the sardonic Lucifer". One for state-of-the-nation fans of Mark E Smith and Luke Haines.