BELLY will play Leeds Beckett University on June 13 after announcing their first studio album in 23 years.

The Rhode Island band will release Dove on May 4, preceded by the single, Shiny One, out now. The album was produced by band member Tom Gorman alongside Belly's long-time friend Paul Q. Kolderie, who has worked previously with Hole, Throwing Muses and Radiohead.

Band leader Tanya Donelly says: "I have a lot of affection for Shiny One. It was the first completely collaborative song we've ever done; Gail [Greenwood] wrote the riff and the chorus, Tom [Gorman] and I wrote the verse and bridge, Chris’s [Gorman] parts shaped the direction and vibe. When I hear it, I hear all four of us equally."

Belly formed originally in 1991 with a line-up of Donelly on guitar and vocals, Tom Gorman on guitar, Chris Gorman on drums and Greenwood on bass.Their gold-certified debut album, Star, arrived in 1993, spawning the alternative radio and MTV hit Feed The Tree and garnering Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Music Album and Best New Artist.

Second album King came out in 1995, backed by extensive touring, but the band dissolved in 1996. Nevertheless, over the next two decades, the members stayed close while pursuing their own creative paths before the idea of a Belly reunion gained serious traction a few years ago.

"We had just gotten to the point where we were just missing each other and missing the music," says Donelly. "The music I've been doing in the past several years has been very collaborative, which made me kind of homesick for Belly; I missed that sense of having a band."

The songs on Dove sprang from a new songwriting system made necessary by the four members' far-flung hometowns. "It required a lot of trust because we were sending raw snippets to each other, anything from 30-second pieces to full songs," says Donelly. "Tom and Gail and I would send demos back and forth, and then Chris would add drums to whatever snippets he'd heard, and Tom would sew everything together. It would sometimes be a very circuitous route to a song, but it was really fun."

Chris Gorman adds: "All three of the songwriters were locked in and working in a way that complemented the others' strengths. Gail's writing was in top form. Tanya is able to make anybody's song her own – she's got that gift – and Tom has really honed his arrangement and production style."

The album track listing will be: Mine; Shiny One; Human Child; Faceless; Suffer The Fools; Girl; Army Of Clay; Stars Align; Quicksand; Artifact and Heartstrings.

Belly will launch their first major tour since 1995 in May, visiting Britain from June 9 to 20, including Sheffield Leadmill on June 17. "We're all looking forward to presenting these songs in a live setting, and having the opportunity to play together again," says Chris Gorman. "We should be in for a really exciting year."

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