THIS nomadic American tries but fails to realise his very real tension between flight and flight in song.

Rather than reinventing an increasingly formulaic genre, his brand of surreal Americana sounds like a throwback, an echo of the past glories of others.

Swinging Back To Wowtown initially burns brightly, with shades of The The and Alabama 3. Sadly the quality then quickly falls away. The one man band recorded most of the record on a variety of instruments.

It is easy to see how Truax could have got carried away with the unusual sounds and instrumental sections, and while it is true they do set the record apart, it is not in a good way.

Precarious Waltz makes you nauseous, while Little Bites wastes much of its life force just getting started. International Homeland Security is like a 1980s' INXS nightmare, with Truax’s non-descript singing lacking the vocal kicks. There are inexplicably two versions of the lead single Save Me, but neither entirely works. A misfire.