TWENTY years after their amazing debut, Stereophonics deliver their tenth studio album and try to recapture their valley roots.

Caught By The Wind is a top-notch pop-rock track, which wouldn't be out of place on their 1999 Performance and Cocktails album - confident, upbeat and catchy as hell, it's quite the opener.

However, there are elements of their former selves here, with the quick, fun Taken A Tumble and the knockabout Cryin' In Your Beer, but there's darkness too.

The beautiful Before Anyone Knew Our Name is a touching, sombre ode to former drummer, Stuart Cable, who left the band in 2003 and died in 2010.

There are less successful tracks too, including album closer Elevators (which feels underdeveloped), and late track Boy On A Bike in which Kelly Jones laments how amazing his life has been while trying to evoke a Warburton advert childhood, but which doesn't feel as deep as it's intended to be.

For years now, the band has had a Californian sheen, all polished, sunny and - sadly - a little bland, and there is still some of that on show, but some great stuff too.