ONE of the most influential confessional singer-songwriters to emerge from the late Sixties, international hits had mostly been on the decline until Carly Simon signed to Clive Davis’s Arista Records.

Coming Around Again breathed new life, and a modern sound to a much-beloved artist. Some may argue that the ubiquitous sound of the Power Station Studios and enrolling the likes of Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance and George Massenburg diluted the Carly Simon brand.

However, three decades on, the set list still holds strong against competition. The title track, Give Me All Night, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of and All I Want Is You were all chart singles. Itsy Bitsy Spider featured in the Heartburn movie, and an update of Herman Hupfeld’s As Time Comes By prompted a future album of evergreen standards.

The original album is enhanced with the CD version of Carly’s Live From Martha’s Vineyard; a rare private concert that included Two Hot Girls (On a Hot Summer’s Night), Anticipation, Nobody Does It Better and, of course, You’re So Vain.