HE likes his side projects, does Tom Petty, but Mudcrutch was where it all began. Formed in 1970, the band took four decades to release their debut – something to do with those Heartbreakers standing in the way.

Now, after travelling with the Wilburys, spoofing with the Simpsons and acting with Costner, our Tom has reunited his formative band for their ‘difficult’ second album. Not that it should have been too much of a struggle for such seasoned veterans as Petty, his long-time guitarist Mike Campbell and pianist Benmont Tench. And so it would appear.

The trademark voice and guitars make this a son of Heartbreakers; how could they not? But Petty clearly relishes reliving those pre-fame days in a jobbing bar band.

Although each member has a stab at singing, it’s when Petty stands in front of the mic that Mudcrutch 2 works best, especially on Hungry No More and Dreams Of Flying. This is redneck rebel music from the Seventies. Time to unfurl the confederate flag again.