RECORDED under the midnight sun, this anti-folk record is unlike pretty much anything you’ll hear all year.

Brinks is the latest pseudonym for Andre Herman Dune, that half Swedish half Moroccan purveyor of some of the most joyous cult folk pop of the last 15 years (1-2-3 Apple Tree being his finest example).

Upping sticks again, this time Brinks has thrown another musical body swerve by combining folk instruments (fiddles and trombones take a bow) with calypso and bluegrass; all melded together into an uneven melting pot bulging with potential.

This World is one of the more orthodox folk songs, and especially haunting, whereas Come Come Springtime changes pace and brings in some bluegrass flavours.

The instrumentals lurch and reel, but the sparkling moments also hark back to former musical glories. Stronger Than Wine and The Violin are catchy with memorable choruses and twinkle-in the eye lyrics.

The slow rhythmic stutter of Between Me And The Future shows off the collision of styles to best effect. Norwegian left field doesn’t come better.