THERE can be nothing but praise for all of those creatives charged with the re-mastering of the Phil Collins back catalogue.

Like his work or not, these re-issues set the benchmark on how to refurbish previously loved, and pre-owned music. Not only are the original albums lovingly restored, but the accompanying discs of complementary music have been curated with such care and integrity.

This third instalment features the rather splendid No Jacket Required and the lesser known Testify. Of course, No Jacket included massive hit singles such as One More Night, Take Me Home and the Prince influenced, but rather laborious funk workout Sussudio. The additional set includes a live version of the non-album mega hit Easy Lover.

Testify came during a more fallow period in Collins’s career. The highlight is a live rehearsal cover of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors. Both albums are presented in the utterly brilliant format of absolute recreations of the original photographs of Mr Collins, but as he looks today.