LONDON Handel Players play the opening concert of the 2015 York Early Music Festival, A Celebration of Baroque Dance, tomorrow (July 3) with dancers Mary Collins and Steve Player at the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York, at 7.30pm.

How does performing with dancers contrast with other classical concerts, Lawrence?

"Working with dancers is a revelation for musicians; we can suddenly visualise the musical impulses that we feel. As baroque musicians it's great to get in touch with the root of all baroque music – the dance. The strong beats that we know as down beats are very often springs in the dance choreography so they're more like up beats! This gives a sense of lift to the phrases that I find captivating. The steps are beautifully intricate, yet full of passion and it's fascinating and inspiring to match them to the music."

Let’s dance, not make war, looks to be a much better legacy for Louis XIV. Discuss.

"Indeed! Louis would often break his Council of War for his dancing lesson. We've done a lot of baroque workshops with children and it's wonderful to see their sense of achievement and enjoyment, having mastered a dance requiring discipline, coordination and social skills. Everyone should sing and everyone should DANCE!"

The 2015 York Early Music Festival, Entente Cordiale, runs from tonight (July 2) until July 11. For full details and tickets, visit; box office, 01904 658338.