AFTER a 15-year hiatus, the York band that put Billy Hickling on the road to dustbin-kicking success as rehearsal director for the musical Stomp, and saw fellow member Chris Helme accelerate into bonafide rock stardom, is to reform.

Chutzpah! will storm The White Swan, Goodramgate on Tuesday for one night only.

"It's been too long and the people in this band are too good. We're all here right now. Let's just do it, " says Billy, who has toured the world for the past eight years with Stomp.

"Chris Helme is taking time out from recording the new Yards album to play with his old mates, and I'm on a short lay-over from touring."

In the mists of time, as the precursor to Chris Helme's Num Num Clubs, the freewheeling collective Club Chutzpah! brought together all aspects of the York music scene under the same roof, often on the same stage at the same time.

"Tuesdays at The Swan was where we cut our teeth, wrote our songs, learned our craft and paid for the van and the big gigs, " says Billy. "Then Tom, erstwhile landlord of the Swan said, 'oh go on, have your old night back? I haven't got any budget, though."

The original line-up all will be there: Chris Helme, of The Seahorses and The Yards; Chris Johnson, from Mostly Autumn, Hazard County and LoBeams; Jamie Fowler, "the unsung Neil Young of Sheffield"; Nick Walker, "the greatest guitarist of his generation"; Billy Hickling, still Stomping across the world; Si McGrath, of Smith & McGrath and Homewreckers; and drummer Toft Patches, alias York artist Milladdio.

Tuesday's gig will start at 9pm; support acts will be King Courgette, with their "raw blues for modern vegetables", plus surprise guests. Admission is free.