YOU might argue that the magic has faded from The Magic Numbers since their Mercury-nominated self-titled debut album of 2005.

Last Saturday’s acoustic set ran counter to any such thoughts, as the revitalised Stodart and Gannon brothers and sisters proved their number was definitely not up.

Two-fifths of London band Goldheart Assembly had already charmed Pock, arriving just in time after getting lost in the Dales to evoke Simon and Garfunkel with their blissful harmonies.

Unexpectedly, Michele Stodart and Angela Gannon added to the relaxed atmosphere with an impromptu burst of songs from Michele’s solo album.

Suddenly, the tantalising wait for the main event was over as The Magic Numbers emerged from the stairway, singing a cappella as they descended the theatre steps through the full house to the stage.

“Did we freak you out?” apologised front man Romeo Stodart, but far more startling was the musical skill of the four-piece, who so readily swapped instruments while employing everything from squeezebox to double bass to mellotron.

Album number four is written, recorded, mixed and ready for release next year, and it finds The Magic Numbers hitting their straps once more.

Out In The Streets and a song named after Roy Orbison stood out, while The Pulse off Those The Brakes shone anew and a gorgeous cover of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon had you rushing to the merchandise stall to acquire their Undercover album of studio spare-time covers.

Magic restored.