THE Duckworth Lewis Method, alias Irish cricket enthusiasts Thomas “Duckworth” Walsh and Neil “Lewis” Hannon, will back up next Monday’s release of their second album, Sticky Wickets, with an autumn fixture list.

Among the eight concert encounters in their first performances since 2009 will be Leeds Brudenell Social Club on September 27.

Sticky Wickets was written and produced by Walsh and Hannon and features guest contributions from cricket-loving stars of stage and screen Stephen Fry and Daniel Radcliffe, The IT Crowd actor Matt Berry, Test Match Special commentator Henry Blofeld and Sky Sports’ pundit of the people David Lloyd.

Commenting on the timely declaration of their second innings, Duckworth said: "Lewis and myself felt it would be at least 20 years before the world would want another Duckworth Lewis Method album. But it rains a lot in Ireland, so we revised our prediction of 20 years by using the Duckworth Lewis Method and it turns out we only needed to wait four years."

As brief as a golden duck, Lewis would only say: “It's all Duckworth's fault."

Tickets for September 27 are on sale at

First single It’s Just Not Cricket will share the album release date of July 1 on Divine Comedy Records.