KICKING off Thursday night's celebration of the wonderfully eccentric music of Kate Bush was a majestic and engrossing performance of Moving, from Bush’s first studio album, The Kick Inside.

Dutch singer and dancer Maaike Breijman, 36, had us all entranced, her vocals were astounding and she had obviously worked hard to emulate such a force in music with great success.

Moving was accompanied by visuals and atmospheric lighting, a theme that continued throughout the evening and made this indeed a night of celebration rather than simply a tribute.

The first song eased us into it, with subtle blue lighting and moving visuals of water on screens backing the stage. As the night progressed, the theatrical and celebratory nature of the show grew louder, maybe even a little X Factor with Maaike and her dancers' performance of James And The Cold Gun.

You half expected Simon Cowell to burst from the wings to tell them they were through to the next round, but then the screens adopted a new and tantalising video, new costumes were donned , and the stage was transformed with a fantastic use of lighting, and all was forgiven!

All in all, the show was a joy to behold, employing imagination and some brilliant props including a giant bubble from which Maaike gave a hearty vocal performance of Breathing. An extra push on her physical presence throughout would have sealed the deal, but the night still lovingly offered a contemporary and often imaginative take on a truly unique artist.

Review by Gemma Rossi