YORK cult punk rocker Stevie Ze Suicide will launch his own radio show on Wicked Spins Radio on December 16.

“It’s a two-hour programme that will go out on Sunday afternoons between 4pm and 6pm, when I’ll be talking about my time as the drummer in punk band UK Subs, playing on Top of The Pops, recording with The Exploited on their Troops Of Tomorrow album and playing live with The Damned,” stays Stevie.

“I’ll also be playing fabulous tracks from the birth of punk to the present day, plus the old school legends, Iggy Pop, Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, The Ramones, Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground and Alice Cooper, and Seventies’ Glam classics from T Rex, Sweet, Slade and many more.

“So, if you like great music, please don’t miss Sundays with Stevie Ze Suicide – and you can find Wicked Spins Radio online at wickedspinsradio.org.”

These are exciting days in the Ze Suicide world, as Stevie has released not one, but two new singles: his interpretations of the legendary New York Dolls’ Jet Boy and Scottish punks The Revillos’ Yeah Yeah.

Both are available on i-Tunes and a video of Yeah Yeah, directed by filmmaker Ollie Bostock, can be viewed on YouTube, where it has attracted 5,000 hits already.