AS part of Dementia Awareness Week, all three of York's cinemas are showing a short film made on a phone camera with Carr Junior School children by York musician and fundraiser Ian Donaghy.

"I've somehow persuaded City Screen, Vue and Reel to show I Ain't Got Me Mam, our little three-minute film that I wrote and filmed on my phone, as a trailer before every film from Sunday to Sunday, sandwiched between high-budget trailers, except for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and Fast & Furious 8 screenings at Vue where trailers are filled already," said Mr Donaghy.

"Cath Sharp at City Screen, Gemma Clark at Reel and Sam Godley at Vue have been 100 per cent behind the film since seeing it. This week the film will reach well over 22,000 people in York, and more cinemas outside of York have expressed an interest too."

York Press:

Jim Dales, who features in the film I Ain't Got Me Mam

The screenings are raising dementia awareness, changing the way people think and act, suggests Mr Donaghy. "We're getting people talking but more importantly listening; getting children and older people to try and educate the generation in between who think they're the clever ones.

"Thank you so much to the children and staff at Carr Junior School, The Secret Garden club, Inspired Youth, everyone involved in A Night To Remember and all at Wellburn Care for making this happen, and thank you to York film-maker Kevin Curran and Liam Powers, of Inspired Youth, for editing the film."

Ian Donaghy's dementia awareness film I Ain't Got Me Mam, showing in York cinemas this week

Caroline Ryder, head of Carr Junior School, said: " We are all so proud of our seven-year-old pupils being involved in such a beautiful film that is reaching so many people."

The film also features Jim Dales, of Stockton Lane, who lost his wife, Mary, to Alzheimer's four years ago and now helps with the Secret Garden Project and is a volunteer for various dementia projects in York.

Mr Donaghy has watched the film at Reel. "I'm a bit lost for words and pretty moved by this," he said. "To see it on a big screen between a multi-million pound car advert and a trailer for the new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie blew my socks off. I got a little glassy eyed and the film got a round of applause,"

York Press:

Tom Lawrence, left, Ryan Willetts, Jim Dales, Rosie Belton and Sam Lawrence at a screening of I Ain't Got Me Mam at Reel, York

Now working in the field of dementia awareness, he first showed the film at his annual A Night To Remember charity concert at York Barbican on April 13 when a record £37,964 was raised for St Leonard's Hospice and dementia services in York.

"It's proof once again that if surround yourself with amazing people, amazing things happen," said Mr Donaghy, whose next community project will be the Forever Young Music Festival at Grimston Court, bringing all generations together on September 2.