CITY Screen, York, plays host to two directors and three films this evening, two of them being shown to the public for the first time as part of the volunteer-coordinated York Refugee Week.

University of York filmmaker Simon Parker presents the cinematic debut of his poignant insight into the refugee crisis, Precarious Trajectories: Voices From The Mediterranean Migration Crisis. Filmed on location in Italy, Greece and Germany during 2015-2016 at the height of the Mediterranean migration crisis, the documentary focuses on the journeys that hundreds of thousands of refugees have undertaken in order to reach the safety of Europe.

Simon says: "This was a challenging and, at times, heart-rending film to make. People shared such devastating stories of loss and despair with us. Paradoxically, however, we also witnessed great acts of kindness and generosity among the refugees and volunteers on the frontline of the crisis. The film shows how many thousands of deaths at sea could have been prevented if those in charge of Europe had chosen to put people before borders.”

Cathy Denford, from the Risky Things theatre and film company in York, directs the two other films. Seeking Asylum, co-directed by Kenric Yuen, is a four-minute short exploring the refugee perspective through poetry and music and is set in York. Blue Moment is a 45 minute drama based on real case studies, devised in collaboration with refugee therapy organisations and supported by Big Lottery funding. It uncovers the contemporary plight of Alia, a young African caught in the asylum process in the north of England.

“Blue Moment presents a mystery and a challenge: what is a refugee and how should they be treated? Now, here in the UK," says Cathy. "It asks many questions, and probes public attitudes to migrants, refugees, and those who have endured torture."

The triple bill starts at 6.15pm and concludes with a Q&A with both directors. Box office: 0871 902 5726 or at