Mark Braithwaite, artist in residence at the Braithwaite Gallery in York, features on the cover of the May edition of Artists & Illustrators magazine.

Published this weekend, the magazine is Britain’s most prominent publication for professional and amateur artists, with a circulation approaching 100,000.

“I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Artists & Illustrators – I couldn’t believe it when I was told I would be pictured on the cover,” says Mark. “The cover spot is hugely prestigious for an artist, so it’s an honour to be asked.”

Mark spent an afternoon in his studio with the magazine’s photographer. “I’m more used to being behind the lens taking reference photos and found I was extremely nervous to be on the other side,” he says.

“This month’s feature was about artists with a different take on land and cityscape, and they were fascinated with my Lost Connection series, which showcases that great British icon, the red telephone box.”

Further photographs of Mark and his paintings can be seen in the landscape feature in the magazine. His work is on permanent exhibition at the Braithwaite Gallery, in Low Petergate, and his diverse portfolio has been published as prints by national publishers, including figurative work by Solomon & Whitehead and London cityscapes by Buckingham Fine Arts.

Here in York, Mark is a familiar sight at work on the city streets. True to his humble beginnings as a pavement artist in the 1980s, and despite his subsequent national acclaim, still he often chooses to work outdoors on location, painting pictures of “our beautiful city”.