SUMMER may have gone, but butterflies are still brightening up Emma Bateman's surrealist exhibition at Pocklington Arts Centre.

For her abstract artwork, this Howden artist is influenced by colour, texture, movement and emotions, leading to butterflies being a common theme in her latest paintings.

"I was given some bric-a-brac of a relative's to sell at a car boot and was drawn to a hideous ornament from the Sixties, " says Emma.

"It was a glass dome, and inside was a pine cone, a discoloured plastic neon flower and a preserved butterfly. The only thing of any beauty was the butterfly, and I felt inspired to recycle its beauty."

From this initial painting, the idea of a butterfly series of paintings evolved, as Emma began to imitate the butterfly wings, pattern, colours and textures in a range of media.

"There's something mystical and intriguing about butterflies, and there have been many meanings associated with them throughout history, " she says.

Emma spent her childhood in mainland Greece before moving to a Yorkshire farm in 1988, a change of climate and landscape that may explain her abstract art.

"Often I will try to capture my own mood on the canvas; painting provides a form of escapism for me in which to channel my feelings and emotions, " she says.

"As for the end result, as long as my paintings are aesthetically pleasing and arouse interest in the viewer then I'm happy."

Her compositions are created in acrylic on canvas, and a textural collage effect is often achieved through incorporating glass inks, glitter and oils.

"I use acrylics as a base medium because of their versatility, and they're fast drying too, but I nearly always add other media to build texture, " Emma says.

Abstract Paintings by Emma Bateman will be on show until October 26.