FAIRFAX House's week of beautiful blooms at its biennial festival of flowers coincides with Make It York's Bloom! festival around the city.

Georgian period interiors and architectural details provide an inspirational canvas for installations, foliage and flowers and displays, with all areas having been handed over to Acomb Flower Guild, from the tops of bookcases to the silver-laden dining room table, the Venetian window to the hearth of the Georgian kitchen, until Sunday (July 8).

Inspiration for this year’s festival is drawn from Fairfax House’s major summer exhibition, The Genius Of Grinling Gibbons, celebrating the work of the great British carver.

Floral designers are paying homage to the horticultural hallmarks, motifs and decoration in Gibbons’ sculptures, as Acomb Flower Guild members use their installations to capture Gibbons’s appreciation of the natural world, whose distinctive style is characterised by botanical elements.

Flora and fauna are in an abundance with guest designers also capturing the essence of the Georgians’ love of horticulture and fascination with nature.

Floral artworks mantle the period interiors of Fairfax House with a riot of colour, capturing the atmosphere of the Georgian period, the age of elegance. However, traditional also meets contemporary with various installations showcasing how the innovative use of materials, bold colours and creative design can harmonise and enhance even the most historic of spaces.

This year marks the fifth biennial Fairfax House In Bloom, and after a ten-year hiatus, Fairfax House once again partners with Acomb Flower Guild, the designers of the first Festival of Flowers in 2007.

Founded in 1968, the club is in its golden year. Hannah Phillip, director of Fairfax House, says: "2018 is a remarkable year of anniversaries. It is tremendously fitting that Acomb Flower Guild should be joining us once again, not only for the tenth anniversary of the first Flower Festival held at Fairfax House, but also in the 50th anniversary year of the guild. More importantly, the festival is also being staged as part of Bloom! We are delighted to be collaborating and marking all these special occasions together."