OWL & Monkey is joining in York's Bloom! festival from today to Sunday with a profusion of floral installations and floral art at the Heslington Road home goods store.

Husband and wife Matt and Helen Harris's independent shop is playing host to Flourish, an open art exhibition displaying artworks submitted by the public on a horticultural theme, from flowers and allotments to woodlands and botanical gardens.

"The exhibition was launched with the aim of offering people a space to share their creativity," says Helen. "Established artist or budding enthusiast, it didn't matter. The exhibition was inspired by an observation that, as a child, so many of us enjoy creativity.

"We joyfully paint colourful images and when it's pinned on the fridge, we're thrilled to bits! However, as adults, we often stop doing that! So, the idea for Flourish was born, inspired by Yorkshire's history of open art exhibits and the horticultural themes of the Bloom! festival; a celebration of the creativity in us all."

The exhibition is supported by York floral artist Amy Rose Clyfan, who is not only displaying her own work, but also formed part of an artists' panel that helped to select the pieces from more than 90 entries for the show.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of Flourish and Bloom!," says Amy, whose attic studio overlooks the river. "It's exciting to be creating new floral work and I can't wait to see all the chosen submissions in the exhibition."

Flourish is joined by a beautiful window display of paper lupins, created by York installation artist Lu Mason as an homage to York's heritage as the birthplace of the Russell Hybrid Lupin in a "shimmering hanging wonderland of colourful lupin flowers".

Growing high inside the shop behind are towering willow lupins by York artist Sarah Hall Baqai, who has cleverly adapted her willow lantern creations into floral form. Florist Rachel Wilkes, of Ducks & Daffodils, Goodness Farm, Sheriff Hutton Road, has designed hanging floral buckets to adorn the shop frontage.

"We're delighted to be taking part in Bloom! We can't wait to see the festival and its many highlights," says Helen. "We feel very lucky to have the shop and we're really looking forward to sharing this space with others to showcase their beautiful work for Bloom!," adds Matt.

Beyond Bloom!, the Flourish exhibition will run until August 11.