THE Artillery, "the art collection that comes to you", is showcasing 14 artists in its Everything Must Go! exhibition at According To McGee, in Tower Street, York, today until Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

On show is work for hire by Greg Bromley; Colin Brown; Simon Cooper; Kerry Fox; Becki Harper; Laura Howley; Nicholas King; Jelena Lunge; Tina Mammoser; Simon Palmour; Julia Poulton; Andy Vaines; Angus Vasili and Emma Whitelock.

"Our mission is to make art more accessible, and one of the ways we have found to achieve this is by allowing people to hire any piece of art in the collection," says Émilie-Rose Nédey, co-director and creative curator of The Artillery: Art for Hire.

"Prices usually range between £20 and £100 per month, depending on the piece, but, as part of this exhibition, all pieces can be hired for one month for only £20, and a free yearly membership worth £50 is offered to anybody hiring or buying an artwork in the show."

Set up by Émilie-Rose and Ails McGee, the Artillery hire scheme is designed to help people start or augment their art collection. "Every time the customer hires a piece, they receive 'member's credit', which will eventually add up to a sum that will be deducted from the final price of any piece in the collection they might decide to buy," says Ails.

York Press:

Gun for hire: the business branding for The Artillery created by Lazenby Brown

"Should they decide they don't want to return the piece they've been living with for month, they would then get a discount on the wall price, based on how long they've been hiring pieces for, or alternatively they can swap the piece for another one, or just buy any artwork in the collection and receive the same discount. It basically works like a loyalty scheme, but to help people buy art."

Émilie-Rose adds: "Customers can also sign up as a member and receive through the post an Artillery Box, containing surprise hired art for three months, based on their tastes provided by a simple question-and-answer session, which are then returned in time for the next delivery. This works very well for vinyl and fashionable accessories, but it has never been done with art. Therein lies the radical nature of The Artillery."

As part of this event, children can enter The Artillery Art Challenge for the chance to win prizes donated by Cooperillo, Hobbycraft and According To McGee Art Camp. The winner will receive his or her own portrait realised by The Artillery artist Simon Cooper.

"Seeing all the pieces gathered in a show has made the collection come to life and it's great to see that they all work so well together," says Émilie-Rose. "Children are very excited about our art challenge too. It's so nice to see people engaging with art in this way."

The artists showcased in Everything Must Go! are equally enthusiastic about the art-for-hire concept. Emma Whitelock, for example, says: "My painting The Sandstorm was hired out at the launch; this is an exciting way to get art into your home or business."