KUNSTHUIS Gallery's Christmas Pop-Up Shop at Dutch House, Crayke, near Easingwold, will open on Sunday.

The gallery will be exhibiting handmade, limited-edition items from a wide range of Yorkshire and Dutch arts and crafts makers for seven weeks over the festive season, showcasing contemporary interiors, jewellery, books, ceramics, table accessories and prints, as well as a few Christmas-inspired pieces.

Dutch artist Elise Bikker is fascinated with fairy tales, gothic literature and art, vampires and The Phantom Of The Opera, and although her stained-glass work can be purely decorative, she also loves to reference stories or characters. Kunsthuis will show a selection of her festive robins.

Catherine Scriven creates artist books, drawings and prints, taking inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement, where daily objects are beautiful and well crafted. She is fascinated by layers, the passing of time and repetition, both in the content of the artwork and as an artistic process, and among her festive collection for Kunsthuis Gallery will be Christmas wreaths with Kanzachi flowers: a Japanese folding technique akin to origami but with fabric.

York Press:

Catherine Scriven's Christmas wreaths with Kanzachi flowers

Catherine's hand-bound books include traditional notebooks made with fabric book cloth and Japanese concertina books that can be used to display prints and photos or just be enjoyed for their Japanese cottons. Catherine teaches a variety of book-making workshops and runs a regular book-making club and has been exploring how to use textiles to create patchworks with an emphasis on colour variation, shape and repetition. "Free motion quilting allows me to investigate drawing with thread," she says. "Consequently, I'm using a greater variety of cloth and stitching in my book making, creating unique book cloths from cotton fabric."

Parallel to the Kunsthuis Pop-Up Shop is the gallery's present exhibition, The Broken Toys Reassembled, by Huddersfield artist Dex Hannon, also known as China9, Evil Jesus and Dexuality Valentino, alias The Broken Toy Company. Four artists with one mind, this collective with a twist is showing work that explores Digital vs Painting and Past vs Future. Sculptor Richard Mackness is exhibiting alongside, while Kate Kenney is showcasing oil paintings in the art café.

Kunsthuis Gallery's Christmas Pop-Up Shop will run from Sunday to December 20; Dutch House is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm.