A NEW exhibition featuring the sculptural work of Rafael Perez is on at the University of York’s Norman Rea Gallery.

Curated by students Eleanor Nicklin and Alice Lawrence, The Way it Felt will feature a mixture of Perez’s wall works and installation pieces. The exhibition will run until November 14.

Eleanor Nicklin, curator of the exhibition, said: “Rafael Perez’s sculptures highlight the emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork.

“The unfinished quality to Perez’s work reminds us that an object does not have to be perfect to transmit beauty and emotionally stimulate us. We hope many will come and see this exciting exhibition.”

The Norman Rea Gallery is run entirely by students at the University of York.

Situated above the courtyard in Derwent College, the gallery hosts exhibitions throughout the year and promotes the work of both student and professional artists.

The gallery hosts three exhibitions a term with lectures, seminars and events.