MICHELLE Clarke-Stables has added another “Brilliant Woman” to her stable of portraits - of neglected North Eastern playwright Githa Sowerby.

Whereas the others are on show in the Brilliant Women - Snapshots Of Familial Gazes exhibition at the DART Centre in Doncaster, Michelle’s latest one-off painting can be seen in the York Theatre Royal foyer during the belated Northern premiere of Sowerby’s 1924 work, The Stepmother.

“I really enjoyed reading about this brilliant woman [Githa Sowerby] and also enjoyed painting her while keeping in mind her life story, which I have attempted to transfer to canvas,” says the South Yorkshire artist, who unveiled the painting on March 5 and attended last Thursday’s performance of the York Settlement Community Players production.

“The responses to the portrait have so far been great and I’m looking forward to gaining further feedback.”

Maggie Smales, director of The Stepmother, said: “We hope the painting will help create awareness about an exceptional writer.”

In a male-dominated Edwardian era, The Stepmother was consigned to only one private performance in 1924 in the West End. Despite critical acclaim, it was never given a run by any other Briish theatre until its revival by the Orange Tree, in Richmond, last year. Githa died in 1970, believing her work had been forgotten, although her first work, Rutherford & Son, has enjoyed a recent renaissance thanks to Northern Stage and Northern Broadsides.

The Stepmother will run until Saturday, the closing day for the painting’s display. Postcards of the protrait are 50p. For play tickets, phone 01904 623568 or go to yorktheatreroyal.co.uk