YORK calendar artist and illustrator Linda Combi is exhibiting at The Golden Ball pub in Cromwell Road, York, for four weeks from this weekend.

“The work is all about York and includes work previously shown at the Pyramid Gallery at two of Terry Brett’s charity exhibitions,” says Linda. “There are five wooden York Icons based on famous York characters, as well as the originals from the 2014 York Calendar I’ve just designed.”

The aforementioned York Icons are Erik Bloodaxe Takes Tea At Bettys; Stonegate Devil Pulls At The Punchbowl; Barnitt’s Roman Soldier; Widow Twanky Brightens Up The York Dungeon; and Cross’s Catch Of The Day. “For that one, I’ve turned the lady who once worked there into a mermaid,” says Linda.

“All these icon pieces are wood constructions and use mixed media, and they’re my first works on York, combining historical and contemporary characters with my favourite locations – with surreal results. The York Calendar images continue in that vein.”

Everyone is welcome at Linda’s Inside York exhibition’s preview evening from 7.30pm to 9pm on Saturday at York’s first community-run pub.

If you bought the Combi calendar, you will be delighted to discover she is to create another for 2015. “I’ve learned a lot for next year’s effort,” she says, reflecting on the launch of her 2014 debut.