THEY like to do things differently at Bar Lane Studios in York. The latest exhibition features a tall painting machine called Superfluous, right, which creates a floor painting by dripping different coloured threads.

Inside the gallery, in Bar Lane, visitors will find flour beds, interactive shopping trolleys, portals and ice comets – all created by contemporary artists who belong to the International Association of Quantum Artists (IAQA).

The IAQA is a new art collective, based in the UK, but also featuring work from international artists. Its members have come together to create this first show, entitled Seeing Beyond The Material World.

The show takes place over two floors, including the darkened basement area, where visitors can explore hidden worlds with fibre optic cameras, peer through the windows of dolls houses and view interactive projections.

Seventeen artists were selected to build an interactive space around their work’s focus. Each acts as a separate work, but is integrated with other exhibits.

The artists taking part are Jean Harlow and Diana Ali, who have also curated the show, Diane Maclean, Liz West, Adrian Pritchard, Ken Byers, Ruth Eckland, Lara Khami, Rachel Whitfield, Rachael Gittings, Fi Burke, James Beckitt, Eddy Dreadnought, Jess Littlewood, Rebecca Willoughby and Claire Lount.