FAMILY life becomes Jon Richardson, with his penchant for perennial cardigans and enthusiasm for improving heckles marking out the stand up as the comedy scene’s awkward dad.

His latest show Old Man swaps out the stag weekends of Nidiot for dishwasher disputes and a spirited if graphic foray into public toilets, and it’s a tour de force of observational material.

Richardson blends gleeful absurdity, household tips and quiet existentialism with ease, delving into tangents and returning to his main thread in an incredibly polished show. The way in which throwaway gags return as runners is unexpected and utterly hilarious, punctuating the show with some true belly laughs that stick with you on the way home (as well as many domestic niggles to inspire an argument with your spouse, a frequent theme throughout Richardson’s set).

We’re also treated to Richardson’s view on Twitter: by bringing this simultaneously public and faceless social media platform to the stage Richardson tears apart the site with incredible skill and a scarily impressive retention for audience member’s names.

Audience interaction is skilful and never strays too far from the set, while strengthening our bond with Richardson himself.

His personability makes him one of the few comedians who when they wish you a safe journey home genuinely means it. For what it’s worth: we got home safely, the fiance loves the tip on leaving oven trays to soak and this is a show to really mark Richardson out at the top of his game.