FEROCIOUS clubber and party girl Eleanor Conway is a woman of extremes.

She partied around the world as a music journalist and presenter, interviewing everyone from 50 Cent to Justin Bieber; ran off to Asia to work for the triads; made hardcore porn and Tinder’ed her way through most of London.

Now sober from alcohol and substance abuse, she is failing to find moderation and meaning as she turns her hand to stand-up comedy in Walk Of Shame, her debut tour show on the subject of "sex, sobriety and the modern addict that lies within us all".

That Walk Of Shame will be striding into York Barbican's Fishergate Bar on Saturday night in Eleanor's first visit to the city. "I'm hoping to leave York ruined by the time I exit," she jokes.

What lies ahead in a show with such an intriguing name? "It's a catchy title, but it can mean different things to different people. I am walking through my life of colourful experiences, but I have no shame in it. I think you regret it if you don't try things," says Eleanor.

York Press:

"My drug of choice was cocaine because I came from Milton Keynes where we like straight lines," says Eleanor Conway

"I was bullied a lot at school in Milton Keynes. I was too much of a maverick. Maybe that's the truth, and then as a student I really got into tribal energy and dance music and drugs. My drug of choice was cocaine because I came from Milton Keynes where we like straight lines."

Her days studying music technology took her to Leeds, where she lived in Hyde Park, when suddenly she decided to up sticks and go to Thailand for a couple of months. "I sent in my dissertation and off I went, but when I got to Thailand, I just hated the change of scenery, got back to Leeds, finished my course and started dating my drug dealer," says Eleanor. "I can't remember anything before 2011!"

Clearly she can, judging by these anecdotes. "So, my other drug dealer knocked on my door and said 'I've got a mate who's a TV presenter', so I ended up making a TV show called UK Uncovered on Nuts TV," she recalls.

Onwards her story travels, from teaching English in South Korea to Taiwan, where she encountered the Triads, and back to England, addicted and desperate to avoid a boring 9 to 5 job, whereupon she worked in the hardcore porn industry, not as an actress in front of the camera but as a video editor. "You'd be surprised how normal it is. It becomes a routine, like any job you do!" she says.

Move forward through the years, Eleanor got clean, took up stand-up comedy three years ago and is now delivering rather than snorting lines. "If you like dark comedy about sex and sobriety and the modern addict, you should come to the show," she says. "If you like Michael McIntyre, it's probably not the show for you."

Eleanor Conway, Walk Of Shame Tour, Fishergate Bar, York Barbican, Saturday, November 11, 7.30pm. Tickets cost £14.56 on 0844 854 2757 or at yorkbarbican.co.uk