AFTER sold-out shows by Phil Wang and Mae Martin this autumn, York's Burning Duck Comedy Club returns with November gigs at The Crescent and The Basement in City Screen.

First up will be a November 6 triple bill at The Crescent as part of a ten-date tour of the radical show Lefty Scum. Leaning to the left in a riotous night of music, comedy and revolutionary Socialism will be "three of the UK's most joyfully rabble-rousing acts": Josie Long, Jonny & The Baptists and Grace Petrie.

Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Josie Long once prompted the Daily Telegraph to write "Can she please stop grumbling?". British Comedy Award and Musical Comedy Award nominees Jonny & The Baptists were deemed to be "Distasteful" by the same newspaper, whose verdict on protest musician Grace Petrie was no more flattering. "Whining folk singer," the Torygraph sniffed.

"Please note, Lefty Scum welcomes people of all political persuasions, but they will probably take the mick out of you if you’re a Tory," warns Burning Duck promoter Al Greaves.

On November 12, his comedy club will head down to The Basement to present Brian Gittins' new show, Don't Feed The Monkey Man. "David Earl’s alter-ego, Brian Gittins, is an utter prat and according to the Sussex Argus, ‘The World’s Worst Comedian’," says Gittins' publicity blurb.

York Press:

Brian Gittins in his new show Don't Feed The Monkey Man

"However, Brian’s not having any of it and he’s back with a live show with the might of powerhouse sponsor Rampoo (Shampoo for rams) behind him."

"This is a rare chance to catch one of the country's leading alternative comics outside of London," says Greaves. "A true virtuoso in the field of 'wince-making' and a fully certified berk of a man, this is a comedy joyride with all the bells, whistles and monkey suits that go with it. He's promising dancing, singing and Knock Knock jokes about an elderly lady called Joan McEnroe (sounds like John McEnroe!)."

Earl has starred in three Channel 4 shows, Derek, Gittins and Cumbo, as well as in the BBC's Extras, and was the star and co-writer of Sky 1's Rovers.

"We're very much looking forward to our November shows," says Greaves. "Having already booked James Acaster and now Josie Long, our list of dream acts we want to book is quickly diminishing. We're booking more shows all the time, so why not join our mailing list to get first details of upcoming shows and exclusive discounted tickets?"

Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start at both Burning Duck shows in November; tickets for Lefty Scum cost £12; Gittins, £8, at