GREG Davies is such a Magnificent Beast that the 6ft 8ins Welsh comedian had to add a second magnificent night at York Barbican and that promptly sold out too.

Davies had announced his first stand-up show in four years as long ago as July last year. "I'm doing a new stand-up tour next year if you fancy," he announced on Twitter at the time. "Sorry about the photo," he added. That's OK, Greg, this is not the first time you have stripped off, is it. After all, you did pretty much the same for your Firing Cheeseballs At A Dog tour in 2010, didn't you.

The towering comedian with the size 13 feet and a past career in teaching has starred as irascible teacher Dan in Man Down, psychotic teacher Mr Phil Gilbert in The Inbetweeners and teacher, no, right-on solicitor and history buff Ken Thompson in Cuckoo, as well as hosting the comedy game show Taskmaster on the Dave channel.

Davies last played York in October 2012 when presenting The Back Of My Mum’s Head at the Grand Opera House. The show’s title came from his mother saying to him throughout childhood – and sometimes more recently – after he has done something stupid, “That’s not normal, love.” She would then leave the room, affording him a view of the back of her head.

Doors open at 7.30pm for the 8pm start on Wednesday and Thursday. Davies's tour also visits Hull City Hall on November 21 for another sold-out 8pm gig.