Russell Brand’s Re:Birth tour, York Barbican, Thursday

Striding onto stage with his signature charismatic grin, in his trademark leather trousers and black t-shirt, Russell Brand was met with laughter and adulation as his new tour Re:Birth came to York.

Fatherhood and marital life seem to have changed Brand, but his trademark comedic style is still very prominent. He balances stories of his rock and roll life with child birth and government escapades.

What gets the most laughs is his anatomize of his recent public pronouncements. From throwing a ‘bag’ of soup at a reporter, to changing personalities in Downing Street and failing to say ‘actor’ correctly while interviewing Jeremy Paxman. There was no shortage of laughter.

What really stood out is how down to earth Brand is; he doesn’t take himself seriously and is readily prepared to make jokes at his own expense.

Toward the end Brand gets philosophical, pondering about the realms of our existence and how our Nans are the only truth in the world. Wondering how we got so obsessed with inconsequential details of our life, that inevitably we are so rarely living it.

Russell discusses many important topics, covering mental health and poverty. Begging the question of who are we really? Effectively saying we all come from the same place and we all have the same consciousness.

The highlight of the night was embarrassing confessions submitted by the audience. Ironically pulling apart audience questionnaires brought us all together and proved that we are all so very similar.

Russell Brand returns to York on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at The Barbican

Lucy Acklam