IN April 2015, Robin Ince announced that he really had to stop doing stand-up as he was on the cusp of insanity. Audiences disagreed, believing he had breached that cusp long ago.

What happened next? After spending 18 months touring arenas with science's pin-up professor, Brian Cox, and writing his new book, I’m A Joke… and So Are You, he realised it was time to start the trepanning again – a surgical procedure that involves drilling or scraping a hole in the skull – and return with a new show.

Hence the Infinite Monkey Cage star's 7.30pm appearance tonight (October 9) at The Crescent community venue, in The Crescent, York, presenting Pragmatic Insanity, a show inspired by Philip K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut and others. Expect stories of aggressive kindness, rabies and death, warns Ince.

Tickets for this Hyena Lounge Comedy Club gig are on sale at £14 at or £16 on the door.