KATHERINE Ryan’s previous shows have dealt with her relationships: sisters, lovers and her daughter Violet (who we meet tonight in prim-voiced straight man role next to her mum).

Her new show Glitter Room still mentions these figures in her life, but it’s an overriding tone of independence that marks Ryan’s establishment as her own woman in this highly entertaining evening.

Ryan’s confidence means she completely owns the stage without even trying: literally, we see her before she’s got her full show outfit ready at the beginning of the show and there’s no question she’s still the boss, glitter or no. Her anecdotal style allows for audience interaction, tangents and breaks in the narrative without jokes feeling misplaced or segments forced into the show.

Some excellent turns of phrase pepper Ryan’s material, even if her eagerness to use different accents doesn’t set all of the audience at ease. Still, a series of segments reveal Ryan’s got an axe to grind, however much it’s been painted rose gold: her stories of everyday sexism shine a light on double standards that even the most fabulous of arena comedians face, and it’s gratifying to see her use such an esteemed platform to spread the word.

Warm-up act Lauren Pattison is a firecracker of an up and coming act with a keen eye for narrative. Having moved to London has affected her set slightly from previous spots in northern line-ups: it is definitely more contained within a throughline story structure, although flashes of her Geordie charm livens up otherwise fairly normal stand-up subject matter.